Our main activities involve matching the correct type of finance or funding source to the property deal in hand. We call it ‘Financial Engineering’ and we have been doing it since 1984. The primary forms of finance include;

Bridging Finance - Short term loans that top up your available funds to help you complete deals very quickly.

Development Finance - Property development funding that is make available to you at pre-agreed stages of your property development process.

Equity Finance - If the property project matches our operational requirements we may take a longer term equity stake in the transaction where the loan is payable on completion.

JV Finance - Where we believe in the project we may enter into a Joint Venture agreement with you and provide up to 100% financing.

Property Loans - We will consider medium term property loans particularly where the property will be eligible to be refinanced within 18 months.

Secured Loans - If you have liquid assets which are frozen - subject to restrictions we will consider offering loans secured against those assets.

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Financial Engineering for UK Property




Property Investors

There are many different tastes and appetites when it comes to property investment; short term, long term, risk adverse or maximising profits - we work with everyone and you can benefit from my 35 years of property experience.


Armchair Investing – When you are "time poor" and cash rich we can offer situations where exceptional returns can be achieved without your day-to-day involvement. Full online reporting is available in real time.



Property Buyer/Investor – if you are able to fully manage your property investments yourself or with your own team we can offer you a constant stream of attractive property deals.

Property Trader – If you are a power networker in the property business we are happy to work with you in a number of ways whereby we share profits on successful transactions.


Joint Venture Investing – When you have more time to go with your financial investment capabilities we are able to work with you on a "JV" (Joint Venture) basis, we will fill in the areas you are not able to take care of.

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