carl-henry-property-raising-property-finance-do-not-begWhen looking for Joint-Venture (JV) property finance you can't just beg people - you have to think WIIFT! (What's in it for them). People with money have probably worked hard to get it and will be very protective of this universal asset - They do want to make their money work however. If the capital is not producing a return it is depreciating and they are possibly having to live off the savings (a truly lose-lose situation).


You have to demonstraight what a "Win-Win" opportunity you can offer them, in short JV investors want to know (on one page);

a) What is the property deal on offer and why is it profitable (any special angles or discounts you have)?

how to write an effective business planb) How much is needed and how much profit will I get?

c) How long will the cash be tied up?

d) What is the "Exit" route (do you have a presale or guaranteed refinance)?

e) How will I get it back if things go wrong (what security is available)?

f) Who are you and why should I believe you can complete the whole transaction (Your skills & experience or your team's/partner's skills & experience etc.)

Even though initially you should fit all this info on one A4 sheet (a very good exercise by the way) you should have a longer document available expanding on the various points just in case there is initial interest, I'd keep this to around 6 pages maximum - for larger or longer term deals you will also need to have a full busines plan available. Click the image to download a free guide on How to write an effective business plan.

If you are looking for JV Finance or you are a High Net Worth or Sophisticated Investor looking for safer better returns, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info'

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